Commercial Metal Building

A Commercial Metal Building is a tremendous asset that add value to your business. Whether you need a simple commercial steel building or a customized commercial metal building, Fabri-Steel West can accommodate your needs with our Concept to Completion Building Service.

Commercial Metal Building
See more examples in our Commercial Building Gallery

When you design your commercial steel building, you have multiple options to choose from:

  • Select from simple multi-purpose designs or customized designs
  • Select from a wide assortment of metal/steel building options + accessories
  • Match your buildings colors to your company logo
  • Fit your commercial steel building onto a rural or urban lot
  • Flexible scheduling

Whether you desire a commercial steel or metal building , Fabri-Steel West has all the services necessary to make your project a reality. For your commercial metal building project, request a free evaluation of your project or call 916-202-5991.

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