Project Profile

Project Profile: Shinmei

Shin Mei Freezer ARice bun maker, Shinmei Co. Ltd. of Kobe, Japan has joined the growing global food hub in West Sacramento with its $10 million factory, bringing hundreds of jobs, as well as a nutritious (and tasty!) Japanese staple with it.

The general contractor on the massive job, Alston Construction, hired FabriSteel West Inc. to aid in the construction on the application freezer, which will house the rice buns as they get ready for distribution. In just two short weeks, the 5600 square foot, 34′ eave height steel frame was built, making it easy for the developers to add in insulated panels for the roof and wall.
Shin Mei Freezer
This quick and effective project is just one example of the quality work that FabriSteel West Inc. has become known for. For more information on our projects and services, please visit our website.

Project Profile: Dollar General

Here at FabriSteel West Inc., we’re pleased to announce construction completion on Sacramento’s newest Dollar General.

Dollar General is a Tennessee-based chain and is the nation’s largest small-box discount retailer. They carry popular brands at low everyday prices, allowing their customers the height of convenience and savings without sacrificing quality.
Dollar General
Bogart Construction out of Southern California selected FabriSteel West Inc. as the subcontractor for this project in order to erect a pre-engineered metal building to house the retail store. This was the right choice for several reasons: efficiency, overall construction, and reduced cost. From beginning to end, the entire erection of the pre-engineered metal building lasted three weeks. From there, the developer was able to finish out the details of the project quickly. The construction itself incorporated the main structure, roofing, gutter, and wall support, eliminating the need to work with multiple contractors and guaranteeing a solid, uniform structure. These two factors resulted in eliminating the need for multiple engineers, designers, supplies, and subcontractors, therefore reducing cost significantly.

This project was completed effectively and professionally in a short amount of time, all while maintaining the quality of construction FabriSteel West Inc. is known for. We look forward to seeing Sacramento’s new Dollar General for years to come.

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Project Profile: BEALE AFB

Global Hawk Strategic Command

Global Hawk is the newest technology in fighting terrorism and deployment of our military forces abroad. Global Hawk is the name given to the unmanned aircraft. The unmanned air craft are controlled from strategic remote locations and are capable of gathering intelligence on field operations as well as the ability to deliver ordinances as desired.

Many people may not be aware that Beale AFB is in Marysville, CA and is homebase for Global Hawk Strategic Command. The success of the Global Hawk has brought much needed funding and growth to Beale AFB and the surrounding communities.

Although the Global Hawk program is new many of the facilities at Beale AFB
are not. The challenge is how best to bring antiquated facilities up to
current design standards in order to meet the needs of the military.

This project profile shows what can be done by using the Nu Roof system from MBCI.

Existing Facility



The strategic command center was a CMU block wall building with a flat roof.
The facility had many problems, from a leaky roof to inefficient mechanical
systems. The interior was in even worse condition and had to be gutted.

Due to the location of the command center relocating was not an option nor
was demolishing and rebuilding because of the existing infrastructure.

Therefore the most cost effective solution was to remodel the existing

Working with the design team at Roseville Design Group Inc, and the General
Contractor, Fabri Steel West implemented a complete redesign of the roof and exterior.

The finished Product



The design called for changing the roof from flat to a 3:12 and from no
eaves to eaves with soffit and portico’s. To add architectural presence,
dormers were hipped into the roof.

The redesign achieved the architectural standards required by the base but
also allowed for additional insulation and a complete redesign of the
mechanical system located on the roof. The 10,000 sq foot exterior
construction took 8 weeks to demo and make weather tight.

To learn more about how the Nu Roof Framing System by MBCI follow the
following link: MBCI Retrofit System

Implementing the Nu Roof system saved the airbase much time and money in the remodeling of the facility.

If you are interested in learning more about the MBCI Nu Roof Framing System or would like to know more on how Fabri Steel West Inc. can assist you with your next project please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Project Profile: Amour Privé Winery

Matt Wozniak –
Entrepreneur / Wine Maker

Meeting great people with a variety of passions and interests is always a highlight of my day. Figuring out how to customize building solutions to best support those interests is what inspires me.

Matt Wozniak’s vision to transform his hilly, forested, and remote landscape into a place where he could make and store premium wines seemed ambitious but that was before I got to know Matt.

The plan called for not only building a new facility to make wine but also his very own wine cave. Oh and by the way, did I say with minimal disruption to the natural landscape?

Working together we came up with a team approach to provide a cost effective way to make the vision a reality.

Here is a little more info in Matt’s words, the inspiration behind the project, and how we did it.

Matt Wozniak’s Inspiration
Matt Wozniaks Inspiration 1 Matt Wozniaks Inspiration 2

“One of my personal prime directives in life is to always and frequently improve myself. There are no limitations or rigidity to my improvement schema other than to explore, improve and continually push myself outside of my comfort zone.

I have enjoyed a lifetime of entrepreneurship as well as an engineering background. Having traveled extensively throughout the world, I came to love Western European cultures and their cuisine. Since I greatly enjoy wine, France, engineering, and using my hands to create, making wine seemed like a fantastic way to satiate many of my aspirations.

After researching wine making I quickly determined that in order to make “great” wine, I would have to engage in world-class training. UC Davis happens to offer such world-class training.

Once I completed training at UC Davis it was time to build the facility. The wine making business is one of the most capital intensive (read: money pit) businesses in existence. Working on a finite budget dictated that I look for creative and cost effective ways to build the winery while still allowing for the creation of truly world-class end products. That’s where Fabri Steel West came in to the picture. The cost per square foot, speed of construction and ease of permitting a steel structure all contributed to the final decision.

Looking back, I don’t think I’d do anything differently, except I’d build bigger! The building has worked exceedingly well in all aspects. I have received glowing compliments from all who have seen the operation.

I will be releasing my first fully aged vintage in 2012. My winery, Amour Privé ( Amour Prive Website , is marketed as a very exclusive, “culty”, ultra-premium, old-world Bordeaux style suite of reds. My marketing plan calls for direct to consumer sales through a membership program. My suite of reds is created by hand with extreme attention and fanaticism to every detail, using only the best available Napa fruit and French cooperage (barrels). I get to know each grape by name…

The winery has given me the opportunity to express my artistic desires, exploit my engineering experience, coincides well with my “day job” as a CEO and will begin to generate good revenue (like a “real” business!) as I release my vintages. I think the best part of a winemaker’s job is the necessity to constantly sample the product. La vie est belle! ”

Matt Wozniaks Inspiration 3 DIGITAL CAMERA Matt Wozniaks Inspiration 5 Matt Wozniaks Inspiration 6

If you are interested in learning how to customize a building solution to help make your vision a reality please feel free to contact John directly at 916-202-5991.

Project Profile: Sisler & Sisler Construction Inc.

Ardex LP, Stockton Ca

Sisler and Sisler is a construction management company that provides a turnkey service for large scale commercial development projects. For the past two decades, they have completed hundreds of construction projects. As a result, Ardex LP chose Sisler and Sisler to build its new manufacturing and training facility in Stockton, CA.

Part of the design build project consisted of a 1600 sq. foot tower / building which would sit on top of the newly constructed warehouse building. The tower would begin construction at 30′ above finish floor and top out at 50′ above the slab!!

Working together, Fabri – Steel West Inc. and the experienced team at Sisler & Sisler came up with a workable design. The plan called for using structural steel and cladded insulated flat panels to provide strength to handle the loads while matching the tilt wall construction.

Constructing the project required a symphony of personnel and equipment working together such as, a crane to lift the panels in place, an 86′ aerial lift, 1 knuckle boom lift, and a stand by forklift.

Below are some of the photo’s during construction. Rick Seale and his crew are hard at work ensuring a quality result while keeping safety a priority.

Construction Photos
Ardex 1 Ardex 2

An additional requirement was to installing a roof curb on top of the tower. The roof curb would serve as a functional way to remove and repair specialized equipment inside the building. The roof curb was designed with a removable lid that was 12×21 and weighed over 1500 pounds!

Roof Curb and More Construction
Ardex 3 Ardex 4

In addition to the Tower, a 70x30x22 pallet storage building was constructed, and approximately 330 lineal feet of 30′ tall liner panels were constructed to finish out the inside of the warehouse building.

According to Kenny Sisler, President of Sisler and Sisler “We were very pleased with the work of Fabri Steel West Inc on the Ardex Project and will use them on future projects that require pre engineered steel”

The Finished Product

Ardex 5 Ardex 6 Ardex 7 Ardex 8

Project Profile: Bragg Residence – Solar Barn Project

Meeting great people with a variety of passions and interests is always a highlight of my day. Figuring out how to customize building solutions to best support those interests is what inspires me.

Life was supposed to slow down for Greg Bragg after selling his successfull underwriting insurance company. If anything, Greg is busier than ever, spending time with his family and running his other “part time” businesses.

Also on his list of post career projects was the restoration of his father’s T-Bird and figuring out a way to lower his monthly utility bills. Since he didn’t have space to work on the T-Bird, the idea of a Solar Barn was launched. Greg used the interior of the building to work on the T-Bird while solar panels were used on the exterior roof.

Bragg – Solar Barn
Bragg 1 Bragg 2

The result was an economically built 30×40 pre-engineered steel building. To aesthetically match the house, the barn was built with similar roof pitches, overhang, and soffits to provide some contour to the roof line.

The solar panel installation was simplified due to the structural integrity of the metal building and design of the metal roof. According to Greg, the utility costs went down 65% after the first full year of operation. At this rate, the investment in the solar system will have paid for itself in 6 years.

“Right from the beginning I was impressed with Fabri-Steel’s website when I found it on the internet! It was so easy to design my building and determine approximate costs.

I called John to meet with me to see the site and discuss details and quickly provided a formal estimate. I was under a time frame for some tax credits for the installation of the solar panels.

John worked with the solar company and kept me informed every step of the way. Communication was outstanding. Each phase of the construction and timeline was reviewed with me.
The building was completed on time, even with the heavy rains experienced this year.

I am extremely pleased with this project and highly recommend Fabri-Steel West to anyone considering a steel building!”

Project Profile: Manuel Lopez Body & Frame

Manuel Lopez Body and Frame is a full service collision repair facility located at 1337 Silica Ave., right off business 80 close to the Hilton Hotel. They are a family owned business that has been servicing Sacramento since 1987!

In fact, on any given day you will see Manuel and his two sons Alex and Manuel Jr. working the phones, walking around the shop, and making sure customer repairs are on track.

Recently Manuel decided to expand his facility to an adjacent building on his property. The building was built in the 60’s and was in need of repair. Fortunately, FSW was contracted to transform the older building to meet the needs and quality standards of Manuel Lopez Body & Frame.

Manuel Lopez Body & Frame (Before & After)
Manuel Lopez 1 Manuel Lopez 2

The transformation began by stripping the building down to its bones. Aside from some of the purlins & girts being a little out of plum the building was structurally very sound.

As part of the reconstruction, the man doors and windows were replaced along with the roofing, siding and the trims. Added to the design of the building were roof vents and an insulated ceiling to make working conditions more comfortable for the employees.

According to Manuel “We are very pleased with the result and would recommend Fabri Steel West to anyone in need of a similar project. Fabri Steel met all of their commitments in a timely and professional matter. John Arizcuren is the consummate professional; he was on-site daily ensuring that we were given timely project updates, deadlines were met and that workmanship met the highest standards. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Fabri Steel as we continue to expand our business. Thanks again for the high quality project!”

Fabri Steel West thanks Manuel Lopez Body and Frame for the opportunity to serve their construction needs.

Should any one need any work on their car or truck Manuel Lopez Body and Frame can be reached at 916-923-1462.

Project Profile: North West Classic Boats

Artisan Wood Boat Restoration

Meeting great people with a variety of passions and interests is always a highlight of my day. Figuring out how to customize building solutions to best support those interests is what inspires me.

Dave Lobb and Greg “Rudy” Rudloff, business partners of North West Classic Boats, are elite master craftsmen matched only by a few in the modern wooden boat construction world. Together they have over 77 years of experience dedicated to the repair and restoration of wooden boats.

North West Classic Boats
Artisan Wood 1 Artisan Wood 2

Restoration is perhaps an understatement. In the world of mahogany speedboat restoration there are no shortcuts. In fact each step in the entire process is highly specialized starting with the raw materials.

Securing the raw materials means acquiring the necessary African Mahogany wood. Each African Mahogany Tree (if you can find one) costs somewhere between $80,000-$90,000! The tree is approx 6 1/2 feet in diameter, 40 feet tall, and yields 12,000 board feet of material. As a result inventory of the material is done years / decades in advance.

The restoration of a boat can take anywhere from 300 to 3000 man hours depending on the restoration needed and the desired outcome. According to Dave, original boat makers like Riva from Italy designed the boats to last only 9 to 12 years. When taking on each project Dave & Rudy study each boat to identify the “flaws” so they can rebuild the boat with better design while keeping the original form & finish.

At North West Classic Boats, each wooden part of the boat and frame is made in-house, right here in Auburn. In fact, they are the only company in the United States that can do the mahogany hull sides in 4 mil planks like the original boats were made. Other companies use a mahogany plywood like sheet that has to be stretched which is weaker than using the plank method.

Riva’s have become their specialty. I have learned that a fully restored Riva will sell for starting at $165,000 and up to $500,000!

Housing the North West Classic Boat operations are 3 buildings; two which are pre-engineered steel. The steel structures are used for storage and production. Both structures have been customized to meet the specific requirements for boat restoration.

For example, it is critical that the climate be precisely controlled in the production building. The wood must remain dry at all costs during the rebuild process. As a result the 4,000 square foot building is insulated, vented, and the concrete floor treated with radiant heating. This keeps the building at the required ambient temperature.

If you would like more information on Northwest Classic Boats and the process of classic wood boat restoration go to:

Artisan Wood 3 Artisan Wood 4

Project Profile: Sierra Window Coverings

Meeting great people with a variety of passions and interests is always a highlight of my day. Figuring out how to customize building solutions to best support those interests is what inspires me.

Sierra Window Coverings, Sacramento’s oldest specialty window coverings dealer, needed to expand its business. The brother and sister team of Scott Mikkelson & Melinda Lincoln each have over 35 years of experience dealing with every aspect of the window covering world.

Catering to East Sacramento’s varied home styles from Victorian to Loft is their niche. Through the help of Gary Little of Little Development, the vacant lot near Sacramento State University seemed like a perfect location to develop.

The project site was located in Sacramento’s design review corridor and had to meet several aesthetic standards as well as the constraints of a limited budget. Needless to say, this was not an easy task but yet necessary for the success of this multi-faceted project.

Gary enlisted the design team of Fabri Steel West Inc. to come up with some possible cost-effective options for the build-out.

6415 Elvas Ave., Sacramento, CA
Sierra Window 1 Sierra Window 2

The result was an economically built 45×112 pre-engineered steel building with conventional 3 coat lathe & stucco attached directly to the metal sheeting.

The stucco direct-to-metal system, although not used much in the local area, is very popular in other parts of the country. It offers not only cost savings but significantly faster construction when compared to traditional methods.

In addition to the stucco finish, the building had several features that made it unique. It had parapet walls to hide the roof and mechanical equipment and a back side wall made out of block. The metal building provided spandrel support for the block wall.

Project Profile: Stockton Trading Co.

Redevelopment Zone Winner

Meeting great people with a variety of passions and interests is always a highlight of my day. Figuring out how to customize building solutions to best support those interests is what inspires me.

The Stockton Trading Co. is a full service wholesale supplier of Asian specialty foods to restaurants and stores. Business has been good and it was time to expand.

The plan was to build a new 10,000 square foot facility on land previously purchased. The new building would provide additional warehouse, cold storage, and office space to handle the additional business demand.

Gene Wong, the developer for Stockton Trading Co, was asked to build the project. The design process identified the needs of the client. The primary goal was to make the building functional and cost effective to build. In addition, the project had the burden of satisfying very demanding redevelopment zone standards.

The Stockton redevelopment zone called for building design to improve and build up the appearance of the area. The building could not look industrial or boring.

Working together with Gene Wong, we came up with a team approach to provide a cost effective way to make the meet the demands of the City of Stockton and Stockton Trading Co.

Stockton Trading Co.
Stockton 1 Stockton 2

Because metal buildings are economical and easy to erect, it was an easy decision to conclude that the ideal fit would be a pre-engineered steel building.

The challenge was make a building that didn’t look like a metal building according to zone standards.

As a result, Gene selected a parapet wall condition so that the roof line would be hidden on all 4 sides. In addition, instead of using standard corrugated panels for siding, a concealed fastener insulated wall panel was selected.

The insulated panel has several significant benefits. First, the panel has a stucco finish so it looks like stucco and not like metal! Because it is claded with an insulated core, it has high R value which cuts down on energy costs.

According to Gene, cost savings isn’t the only reason it made sense to go with pre-engineered steel. When compared to conventional tilt up construction, he noted several key benefits to him and his customer.

1) Lower life cycle costs for roof metal vs built up
2) Lower design costs – wall & roof & structural by pre fab
3) Easier project management – Deal with one source for supply and erect of framing, roof, wall systems. (Compared to over 10 different subs with conventional building.)
4) Quicker occupancy – By reducing the number of trades involved, the construction time is greatly reduced.

Gene also spiced up the project by adding his own special touch. He added a split faced block as a wainscot around the walls. To give the building a little “pop”, he added an eyebrow canopy over the offices.

Stockton 3 Stockton 4

Project Profile: Sun City Roseville Community Association & Golf Courses

Sun City Roseville Community Association was looking for a way to provide some additional storage and shade for its’ maintenance operations. Fortunately, Fabri-Steel West was selected to assist with the upgrade and come up with an economical solution that met the parameters of the project.

Part of the solution was to provide a single sloped canopy to be fitted in front of the existing shop. Layout for columns and height was coordinated to match the existing building. The frame was also painted to match the color of the existing building.

The second building was built to store parts and supplies needed for its ongoing operations at the golf course and the rest of the grounds. Both buildings were installed on an existing paved area. Care was taken to carefully cut out and excavate the footings so that no repair of the existing asphalt would be needed.

Sun City Roseville – Carport & Storage
Sun City Roseville 1 Sun City Roseville 2

According to Jim Ferrin, Golf Course Superintendent and Director of Landscapes for Sun City Community Association, “The buildings provided us a very affordable means of gaining some needed storage space for our equipment and materials.

It has enabled us to organize the operations center in such a manner that we are more more productive and effecient.

We also have a safer and cleaner working environment. As a result we are prepared to meet new federal and state environmental standards.

I enjoyed working with John and their staff. Their patience, ability to work within our schedule and time frame was very important.

We are very satisfied with the finished product and our professional relationship with Fabri-Steel West.”

Sun City Roseville 3 Sun City Roseville 4
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