Project Profile Amour Privé Winery in Napa, CA

Client: Matt Wozniak – Entrepreneur / Wine Maker

Meeting great people with a variety of passions and interests is always a highlight of my day. Figuring out how to customize building solutions to best support those interests is what inspires me.

Matt Wozniak’s vision to transform his hilly, forested, and remote landscape into a place where he could make and store premium wines seemed ambitious but that was before I got to know Matt.

The plan called for not only building a new facility to make wine but also his very own wine cave. Oh and by the way, did I say with minimal disruption to the natural landscape?

Working together we came up with a team approach to provide a cost effective way to make the vision a reality.

Here is a little more info in Matt’s words, the inspiration behind the project, and how we did it.

Matt Wozniak’s Inspiration

Matt Wozniaks Inspiration 1 Matt Wozniaks Inspiration 2

“One of my personal prime directives in life is to always and frequently improve myself. There are no limitations or rigidity to my improvement schema other than to explore, improve and continually push myself outside of my comfort zone.

I have enjoyed a lifetime of entrepreneurship as well as an engineering background. Having traveled extensively throughout the world, I came to love Western European cultures and their cuisine. Since I greatly enjoy wine, France, engineering, and using my hands to create, making wine seemed like a fantastic way to satiate many of my aspirations.

After researching wine making I quickly determined that in order to make “great” wine, I would have to engage in world-class training. UC Davis happens to offer such world-class training.

Once I completed training at UC Davis it was time to build the facility. The wine making business is one of the most capital intensive (read: money pit) businesses in existence. Working on a finite budget dictated that I look for creative and cost effective ways to build the winery while still allowing for the creation of truly world-class end products. That’s where Fabri Steel West came in to the picture. The cost per square foot, speed of construction and ease of permitting a steel structure all contributed to the final decision.

Looking back, I don’t think I’d do anything differently, except I’d build bigger! The building has worked exceedingly well in all aspects. I have received glowing compliments from all who have seen the operation.

I will be releasing my first fully aged vintage in 2012. My winery, Amour Privé ( in Napa, is marketed as a very exclusive, “culty”, ultra-premium, old-world Bordeaux style suite of reds. My marketing plan calls for direct to consumer sales through a membership program. My suite of reds is created by hand with extreme attention and fanaticism to every detail, using only the best available Napa fruit and French cooperage (barrels). I get to know each grape by name…

The winery has given me the opportunity to express my artistic desires, exploit my engineering experience, coincides well with my “day job” as a CEO and will begin to generate good revenue (like a “real” business!) as I release my vintages. I think the best part of a winemaker’s job is the necessity to constantly sample the product. La vie est belle! ”

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If you are interested in learning how to customize a building solution to help make your vision a reality please feel free to contact John directly at 916-202-5991.

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