Project Profile Beale AFB in Marysville, CA

Global Hawk Strategic Command

Global Hawk is the newest technology in fighting terrorism and deployment of our military forces abroad. Global Hawk is the name given to the unmanned aircraft. The unmanned aircraft are controlled from strategic remote locations and are capable of gathering intelligence on-field operations as well as the ability to deliver ordinances as desired.

Many people may not be aware that Beale AFB is in Marysville, CA and is home base for Global Hawk Strategic Command. The success of the Global Hawk has brought much-needed funding and growth to Beale AFB and the surrounding communities.

Although the Global Hawk program is new many of the facilities at Beale AFB are not. The challenge is how best to bring antiquated facilities up to
current design standards in order to meet the needs of the military.

This project profile shows what can be done by using the Nu Roof system from MBCI.

Existing Facility


The strategic command center was a CMU block wall building with a flat roof. The facility had many problems, from a leaky roof to inefficient mechanical systems. The interior was in even worse condition and had to be gutted.

Due to the location of the command center relocating was not an option nor was demolishing and rebuilding because of the existing infrastructure.

Therefore the most cost-effective solution was to remodel the existing facility.

Working with the design team at Roseville Design Group Inc, and the General Contractor, Fabri Steel West implemented a complete redesign of the roof and exterior.

The finished Product


The design called for changing the roof from flat to a 3:12 and from no eaves to eaves with soffit and portico’s. To add architectural presence,
dormers were hipped into the roof.

The redesign achieved the architectural standards required by the base but also allowed for additional insulation and a complete redesign of the
mechanical system located on the roof. The 10,000 sq foot exterior construction took 8 weeks to demo and make weather tight.

Implementing the Nu Roof system saved the airbase much time and money in the remodeling of the facility.

If you are interested in learning more about the MBCI Nu Roof Framing System or would like to know more on how Fabri Steel West Inc. can assist you with your next project please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

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