Project Profile for Dollar General in Sacramento, CA

Dollar General is a Tennessee-based chain and is the nation’s largest small-box discount retailer. They carry popular brands at low everyday prices, allowing their customers the height of convenience and savings without sacrificing quality when visiting the Dollar General retail stores.
Dollar General
Bogart Construction out of Southern California selected FabriSteel West Inc. as the subcontractor for this project in order to erect a pre-engineered metal building to house the retail store. This was the right choice for several reasons: efficiency, overall construction, and reduced cost. From beginning to end, the entire erection of the pre-engineered metal building lasted three weeks. From there, the developer was able to finish out the details of the project quickly. The construction itself incorporated the main structure, roofing, gutter, and wall support, eliminating the need to work with multiple contractors and guaranteeing a solid, uniform structure. These two factors resulted in eliminating the need for multiple engineers, designers, supplies, and subcontractors, therefore reducing cost significantly.

This project was completed effectively and professionally in a short amount of time, all while maintaining the quality of construction FabriSteel West Inc. is known for. We look forward to seeing Sacramento’s new Dollar General for years to come.

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