Project Profile for Manuel Lopez Body & Frame in Sacramento, CA

Manuel Lopez Body and Frame is a full-service collision repair facility located at 1337 Silica Ave., right off business 80 close to the Hilton Hotel in the commercial zone. They are a family-owned business that has been servicing Sacramento since 1987!

In fact, on any given day you will see Manuel and his two sons Alex and Manuel Jr. working the phones, walking around the shop, and making sure customer repairs are on track.

Recently Manuel decided to expand his facility to an adjacent building on his property. The building was built in the 60’s and was in need of repair. Fortunately, FSW was contracted to transform the older building to meet the needs and quality standards of Manuel Lopez Body u0026amp; Frame.

Manuel Lopez Body & Frame (Before & After)

The transformation began by stripping the commercial building down to its bones. Aside from some of the purlins u0026amp; girts being a little out of plum the building was structurally very sound.

As part of the reconstruction, the man doors and windows were replaced along with the roofing, siding and the trims. Added to the design of the building were roof vents and an insulated ceiling to make working conditions more comfortable for the employees.

According to Manuel “We are very pleased with the result and would recommend Fabri Steel West to anyone in need of a similar project. Fabri Steel met all of their commitments in a timely and professional matter. John Arizcuren is the consummate professional; he was on-site daily ensuring that we were given timely project updates, deadlines were met and that workmanship met the highest standards. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Fabri Steel as we continue to expand our business. Thanks again for the high-quality project!”

Fabri Steel West thanks Manuel Lopez Body and Frame for the opportunity to serve their construction needs.

Should anyone need any work on their car or truck Manuel Lopez Body and Frame can be reached at 916-923-1462.

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