Project Profile for Sierra Window Coverings in Sacramento, CA

Meeting great people with a variety of passions and interests is always a highlight of my day. Figuring out how to customize building solutions to best support those interests in the greater Sacramento area is what inspires me.

Sierra Window Coverings, Sacramento’s oldest specialty window coverings dealer, needed to expand its business. The brother and sister team of Scott Mikkelson & Melinda Lincoln each have over 35 years of experience dealing with every aspect of the window-covering-world.

Catering to East Sacramento’s varied home styles from Victorian to Loft is their niche. Through the help of Gary Little of Little Development, the vacant lot near Sacramento State University seemed like a perfect location to develop.

The project site was located in Sacramento’s design review corridor and had to meet several aesthetic standards as well as the constraints of a limited budget. Needless to say, this was not an easy task but yet necessary for the success of this multi-faceted project.

Gary enlisted the design team of Fabri Steel West Inc. to come up with some possible cost-effective options for the build-out.

6415 Elvas Ave., Sacramento, CA

The result was an economically built 45×112 pre-engineered steel building with conventional 3 coat lathe u0026amp; stucco attached directly to the metal sheeting.

The stucco direct-to-metal system, although not used much in the local area, is very popular in other parts of the country. It offers not only cost savings but significantly faster construction when compared to traditional methods.

In addition to the stucco finish, the building had several features that made it unique. It had parapet walls to hide the roof and mechanical equipment and a backside wall made out of blocks. The metal building provided spandrel support for the block wall.

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