Project Profile for Stockton Trading Co. in Stockton, CA

Redevelopment Zone Winner – wholesaler/commercial development

Meeting great people with a variety of passions and interests is always a highlight of my day. Figuring out how to customize building solutions to best support those interests is what inspires me.  The Stockton Trading Co., a full service wholesale supplier of Asian specialty foods to restaurants and stores was no exception.

Business for the Stockton Trading Co. had been good and it was time to expand.  The plan was to build a new 10,000 square foot facility on land previously purchased. The new building would provide additional warehouse, cold storage, and office space to handle the additional business demand.

Gene Wong, the developer for Stockton Trading Co, was asked to build the project. The design process identified the needs of the client. The primary goal was to make the building functional and cost effective to build. In addition, the project had the burden of satisfying very demanding redevelopment zone standards.

The Stockton redevelopment zone called for building design to improve and build up the appearance of the area. The building could not look industrial or boring.

Working together with Gene Wong, we came up with a team approach to provide a cost effective way to make the meet the demands of the City of Stockton and Stockton Trading Co.

Stockton Trading Co.

Because metal buildings are economical and easy to erect, it was an easy decision to conclude that the ideal fit would be a pre-engineered steel building.

The challenge was make a building that didn’t look like a metal building according to zone standards.

As a result, Gene selected a parapet wall condition so that the roof line would be hidden on all 4 sides. In addition, instead of using standard corrugated panels for siding, a concealed fastener insulated wall panel was selected.

The insulated panel has several significant benefits. First, the panel has a stucco finish so it looks like stucco and not like metal! Because it is claded with an insulated core, it has high R value which cuts down on energy costs.

According to Gene, cost savings isn’t the only reason it made sense to go with pre-engineered steel. When compared to conventional tilt up construction, he noted several key benefits to him and his customer.

  1. Lower life cycle costs for roof metal vs built up
  2. Lower design costs – wall u0026amp; roof u0026amp; structural by pre-fab
  3. Easier project management – Deal with one source for supply and erect of framing, roof, wall systems. (Compared to over 10 different subs with conventional building.)]
  4. Quicker occupancy – By reducing the number of trades involved, the construction time is greatly reduced.

Gene also spiced up the project by adding his own special touch. He added a split faced block as a wainscot around the walls. To give the building a little “pop”, he added an eyebrow canopy over the offices.

Stockton 3 Stockton 4

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