Project Profile for Sun City Roseville Community Association & Golf Courses

Construction Type: Residential Carport and Canopy

Sun City Roseville Community Association was looking for a way to provide some additional storage and shade for its’ maintenance operations. Fortunately, Fabri-Steel West was selected to assist with the upgrade and come up with an economical solution that met the parameters of the project.

Part of the solution was to provide a single sloped canopy to be fitted in front of the existing shop. Layout for columns and height was coordinated to match the existing building. The frame was also painted to match the color of the existing building.

The second building was built to store parts and supplies needed for its ongoing operations at the golf course and the rest of the grounds. Both buildings were installed on an existing paved area. Care was taken to carefully cut out and excavate the footings so that no repair of the existing asphalt would be needed.

Sun City Roseville – Carport & Storage

According to Jim Ferrin, Golf Course Superintendent and Director of Landscapes for Sun City Community Association, “The buildings provided us a very affordable means of gaining some needed storage space for our equipment and materials.

It has enabled us to organize the operations center in such a manner that we are more productive and efficient.

We also have a safer and cleaner working environment. As a result, we are prepared to meet new federal and state environmental standards.

I enjoyed working with John and their staff. Their patience, ability to work within our schedule and time frame was very important.

We are very satisfied with the finished product and our professional relationship with Fabri-Steel West.”


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