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Amazon is a vast Internet-based enterprise that sells books, music, movies, housewares, electronics, toys, and many other goods, either directly or as the middleman between other retailers and Amazon’s millions of customers. Its Web services business includes renting data storage and computing resources, so-called “cloud computing,” over the Internet. Its considerable online presence is such that, in 2012, 1 percent of all Internet traffic in North America traveled in and out of data centers.

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Client: Amazon

9051 Union Park Way, Elk Grove, CA, USA
Project Type: Commercial + Industrial

Provided canopies along the front side of the distribution center.  Project used the Long Bay Joist system along with Double Lok Standing seam roof.  A custom color was used to match the Amazon Prime Blue.

Special Features

Metallic Long Bay Joist System


Metallic Building Company
Metallic Building Systems manufactures custom-engineered metal buildings of the highest caliber. No matter what your project entails, Metallic provides unparalleled expertise and the industry’s broadest spectrum of complementary products and solutions to provide the ideal balance of form and function. This includes steel curtain roll-up doors, metal roofing and wall systems and insulated metal panels—all at the best total value to your business through a single, responsive point of contact.

Primary Framing

Fabri-Steel Lean-to Framing
Ideally suited to give you that extra space you need alongside your building. The Lean-to ties in at the eave of your building or below the eave and can provide a variety of uses…from just a covered area to a completely enclosed addition to your building.

+ Gives extra needed space alongside a building.
+ The Lean-to ties in at the eave of a building or below the eave providing a variety of uses.

Secondary Framing

Fabri-Steel Long Bay Secondary Framing
Long Bay System
A bar joist horizontal member which supports roof systems. The system is structurally designed to and bolt up to the primary framing

+ Long Bay joist expand primary bay spacing to widths from 40′ to 70′.
+ Fewer columns allows for greater flexibility and more usable space in your building

Roof Panels

Fabri-Steel West - Double-Lok-panel
Double-Lok Panel
Double-Lok® panels are ideal for industrial, commercial and architectural applications.

+ Designed to cope with the forces of expansion and contraction.
+ Allows thermal movement on a wide variety of building widths.
+ Double-Lok® carries FM, Florida approval and Dade county ratings.

Wall Panels

FW-120 Panel
The FW-120 panel is a concealed fastener wall and liner panel that provides a flat appearance. FW-120 is commonly used for architectural, commercial and industrial markets. The heavy guage offering provides for large spanning capabilities, particularly in composite wall applications.

+ The FW-120 is available in a flat panel with no beads, one bead or two beads.
+ The FW-120 panel has been tested by a certified independent laboratory in accordance with ASTM test procedures for Air Infiltration and Water Penetration at the sidelap. Test results show no air leakage at 1.57PSF and no water penetration at 6.24PSF differential pressure.
+ FW-120 carries Florida approval.


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